Cardiff Hearing

Clinics in Cardiff, Taff’s Well, & Cowbridge

Cardiff Hearing provides personable and expert hearing care. Headed by a team of highly experienced clinical audiologists, our independent hearing clinics offer a range of ear treatments to help you to hear better.

Independent hearing care

At Cardiff Hearing, we are committed to bettering the health of your ears, by providing expert and personable hearing care. Being independent means that we aren’t tied into meeting targets, or pushing unnecessary products, so we’re always able to just do right by your ears.

There is sometimes a misconception that independent hearing care providers are more expensive than the high-street cohort. That simply isn’t true. Contact us today to learn more about the affordable range of hearing care services we offer.

How we can help you

From our hearing clinics in Cardiff, Taff’s Well, and Cowbridge, our highly qualified clinical audiologists and hearing care specialists are able to carry out thorough and personable hearing consultations, hearing aid fittings, ear wax removal, and much more.

Aside from our audiologists, we also have a wider multidisciplinary team to help you, from private GPs, to speech and language therapists, psychotherapists, and beyond. Check out our range of services and feel safe in the knowledge that we have an experienced member of the team for your every hearing need.

Book your hearing screen

If you’re looking a quick and easy check of your hearing and ear health, our hearing screen is just £30* and can indicate whether further investigation, or our hearing needs assessment, is advised.

We recommend a hearing screen every two years for anyone over 50, or an annual hearing check for anyone over 70. Book your hearing screen at our Cardiff, Taff’s Well, or Cowbridge clinics today.

* Please note that, should you require ear wax removal before your hearing screen, this will be charged at an additional £69.

News & Events

Read all the latest news and events from Cardiff Hearing, as well as other important ear and hearing related topics.

Shop hearing aid spares & consumables

You can now buy your hearing aid spares and consumables from us, and have them delivered to your door, with our new online shop.

Tinnitus Week

It’s Tinnitus Week this February, and People’s Friend magazine are talking to our very own lead audiologist, Sonja Jones, about the latest support available to people who are experiencing tinnitus.

Sonja is recognised as a UK leading authority in tinnitus, and offers a wealth of experience and expertise in tinnitus treatments. Contact us, or book your specialist tinnitus consultation online, to see how Sonja can help you.

Pick up your copy of People’s Friend magazine from the 10th of February, in newsagents.

Try our latest hearing aid technology

October, 2023, saw the UK launch of two outstanding hearing aids, the Signia IX, and the Starkey Genesis AI. Both of these hearing aids offer some impressive new features and come in a variety of styles. Read our audiologist review of the Signia IX to learn more about this great new hearing aid technology.

If you’re concerned about your hearing, or looking to upgrade your current hearing aids, contact us to book your personalised hearing aid consultation today.