Auditory Brain Training

There’s a big difference between hearing and listening

Auditory brain training provides listening therapy by utilizing games designed to exercise and develop your listening skills with your new hearing aids. By exercising and developing your listening skills, you can see an improvement in your ability to hear speech in places with lots of background noise.

If you have a hearing loss, hearing aids are important to restore the sounds, but it can take a while for your brain to remember what to do with them. This would still be the case if we had a magic wand and could restore your ears to how they were when you were 20. Luckily we have a personal trainer for your ears!

What We Can Do

Our auditory brain training programme costs £150, but with our all-inclusive hearing aid care package, it is free!

It isn’t just our ears that are responsible for what we can and can’t hear, our brains are a major part of the puzzle. While our ears are the hardware that detect the sounds, our brain runs the software that processes what we hear.

Our auditory processing is responsible for how well we recognise and take meaning from sounds and words, differentiate between two competing voices, pick a conversation out of background noise and remember our conversations.

Using auditory brain training we will teach you how to sort through all of the noise so from coffee shops to train stations, you and your ears can confidently face any environment.

More About Auditory Brain Training

For some, when we provide them with hearing aids for the first time, it’s the equivalent of coming out of a pitch-black room and being faced with bright sunlight – it can take a while to see clearly without squinting and finding it uncomfortable. By training your ears, you can focus on the sounds you need to.

Your brain isn’t used to hearing as well as you do with hearing aids, with all of the new noises things aren’t as clear and seem a little washed out – this can be overwhelming! Thankfully, our training was developed and designed by leading scientists and doctors in audiology, specifically to assist people to improve their listening skills.

As with any other skill, it takes a little practice. Although not completely mastered in one training session, you should see gradual improvements with each game and exercise.

As you use your hearing aids more and regularly use our exercises, you will be able to stronger maintain your speech processing skills and your overall hearing.

LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) is an online training program that adapts to your rate of progress, so it is different for everyone. There are 11 sessions, each taking around 15 minutes to complete and improvements can be seen after just six sessions. You can always return for some top-up training at any time in the future too.

As with anything, auditory brain training does take some commitment on your behalf. Lace consists of 11 sessions, each taking around 15 minutes to complete and we can monitor your progress. You will still have access to your account should you need any top-up training in the future.

Unavailable in the UK until now, LACE has a whole host of research backing its effectiveness in improving auditory skills and has been helping people in the US improve listening skills since 2008.

LACE trains the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in challenging situations.

We aim to make the transition into wearing hearing aids as simple and stress-free as possible. In our training sessions, you can expect a game-based auditory approach that simulates real-life situations so we can see how your hearing has improved.