Custom Made Earplugs

At Cardiff Hearing, we understand that everyone has different needs, different interests… and different ears! Therefore, everyone needs different earplugs.

Whether you are a water baby or a concert lover, your ears need protection. Our custom made earplugs are designed so that you can keep on doing what you love while keeping yourself protected.

Who Would Need Custom Made Earplugs?

Our custom made earplugs start at just £120

If you are in a regularly loud environment, it is a good idea to protect your ears. Over time, persistent loud noise can cause long-term hearing damage. It’s not just loud noise you need protecting from though, it could be cold water… or even your partner snoring! 

We have helped musicians and surfers to continue rocking the stage and riding the waves safely. We’ve helped people slumber soundly. We’ve helped shooters to continue to hit their targets and we’ve helped bikers continue to roar along the tarmac. 

At the appointment, we will assess the health of the ear, remove any ear wax if necessary (as we can’t take impressions if there is any wax!). Then we’ll take impressions of your ear before showing you the fun customisations and options you can choose from.

There are tons of different colours and you can even have earplugs with things like glitter or a marble effect on them. They are completely customisable, no boring earplugs here!

We are more than happy to come out to you to take impressions, especially if there is a group of you. We can come out and take impressions from everyone who wants earplugs and then we can post them to you within 7-10 days.

If you’re fond of the waves, you need to protect yourself from the wind and cold water. If you don’t then you can get something called ‘Surfer’s Ear’, which is an irreversible and sometimes painful condition, where if left untreated, requires surgery. ​

Surfer’s Ear is the body’s very clever way of protecting the eardrum from being hit by cold water and wind. In response to the ear canal being pounded by the elements, the body tries to warm up the ear by sending blood to the ear canal. Which then causes bone cells to club together, forming miniature dams in the ear, resembling rounded bony stalactites and stalagmites. If your ears are unprotected, these bony formations will begin to grow and may cause you infection or hearing loss.

No matter the source of noise you need to protect your ears from permanent noise damage. We can discuss what earplugs would be the best for your lifestyle. We offer custom made in-ear monitors, filtered noise plugs and audio devices.

Absolutely, we are more than happy to come to your workplace. We have done this for the music industry and beyond. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Yes, we are very experienced in taking impressions for and sourcing in the ear monitors. We also very used to taking impressions for suppliers such as ACS, Cosmic Ears, Minerva, Shure and Starkey.