We love to help educate others on how to keep their ears healthy.

From coaching those with hearing loss in sport, to noise awareness training, to hearing health for musicians (and everything in between!). For all your ear-related workshop needs we’ve got it covered.

In the past, we have created bespoke workshops such as:

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: A Musicians Guide

A 3 hour workshop to understand what noise-induced hearing loss is, how we can prevent it in an orchestral setting, and what we can do to help if a musician has a problem with their hearing. We will also cover other factors which may impact hearing as well as briefly touch upon tinnitus. At an extra cost, we provide 1:1 consultations for musicians and will develop a hearing care plan to assist them. We can also take aural impressions to be made into custom made filtered noise plugs and/or custom ear monitors.

What's An Ear Anyway? How Our Ears Work And What Happens If Something Goes Wrong

A 3 hour workshop to cover the ins and outs of exactly how we hear and what happens if something goes wrong in the auditory system. This course is ideal for nurses and healthcare assistants looking to expand their knowledge. This can be adapted to be paediatric focused which may be helpful for teachers, foster carers, nurses, adopters…anyone and everyone who may be working with or caring for a child with hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance

It’s quite common for patients in hospitals or care homes to have problems with their hearing aids. It’s not always possible for them to have their hearing aids inspected by an Audiologist ASAP. For the patient, this can lead to isolation and upset if they can’t hear very well in healthcare settings and for the healthcare professional, this can lead to vital information being misinterpreted/misunderstood. This session will provide you with as much information as possible for you to give faulty hearing aids an MOT and with the right kit, provide rudimentary repairs. In the absence of you being to repair the aid, tools and suggestions will be provided with how you can ensure your patient stays part of the conversation.

Coaching Those With Hearing Loss & Balance Disorders

Through a range of interactive simulations, films, and lessons, this half-day workshop will take you through the aetiology of hearing loss and balance disorders.

This workshop will have a special focus on the different types of hearing loss and balance disorders that can affect your students when taking part in sport. The course will help you to think of ways to adapt your sessions to meet others needs.

Need some new earplugs? There will be an opportunity for impressions to be taken for custom earplugs to be made at the end of the session.