Hearing aids

The latest hearing aids, with clinics in Cardiff, Taff’s Well, & Cowbridge

Hearing aids are amazing! With the right guidance on how to use them, they can change your life for the better. Don’t worry, hearing aids no longer look and sound like whistling beige bananas. We have many different options, so please let us help find the right solution for you.

What's best for your ears

Our hearing aids start from just £500

We provide the most up to date digital hearing aids in a variety of styles. From the world’s tiniest hearing aids to ones with Bluetooth, fitness trackers, fall alerts, and even translators. We have hearing aids compatible with both Android and iPhone. If you’re not interested in bells and whistles and just want a simple hearing aid to help you hear better, we can of course do that too. We have hearing aids to suit every need.

Our suppliers include Widex, Starkey, GN Resound, Signia, and Phonak, however, if we need to turn somewhere else, we will.

We have a range of hearing aid care packages so that you can choose the level of support you would prefer – we will discuss these in detail at your consultation.

Our commitment to you

All hearing aids we prescribe are the very latest in technology and if you look after them properly, they will last you years to come. We will never try to upgrade you unnecessarily because if your hearing aids are still working and you’re happy, there’s no need. At Cardiff Hearing, we pride ourselves on doing what’s best by your ears.

We will provide you with the best hearing aid to suit you and your needs. We offer many different styles of hearing aids, including:

  • Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • Completely in the Canal (CIC)
  • In the Ear (ITE)

Although each customer will receive the maximum amount of care, we are proud to be a personable ear clinic. We adjust our methods based on our customer’s needs and don’t “follow a script” so not every single appointment will look the same.

Different styles aren’t simply about aesthetics, they have various pros and cons depending on the shape of your ear and the extent of your hearing loss. We will help you to understand why we have made a particular recommendation so that you can make an informed choice. But ultimately, the decision is up to you.

The majority of hearing aids these days are compatible with Bluetooth so you can stream music and phone calls straight to your hearing device, as well as some having fitness tracking and other compatible apps. Speak to us about what other features you would like in your hearing aid such as a personal translator, a fall detector and more.

Your hearing aids should work for you, that’s why we offer so many different types of hearing aids. We are experienced in working with a range of hearing aid manufacturers and can help you make an informed decision on what may be best for you.

You can expect your fitting to look like this:

  • Firstly, the hearing aid will be fitted to your hearing level (we take information from your hearing test), during this time some tests may be carried out to ensure that the hearing devices are working the very best they can for your specific ears
  • Secondly, you may undergo speech testing to help us understand how well you are hearing speech in noise with your new hearing aids. We may even play some of your favourite music!
  • You may undergo Real Ear Measurement which further tailors the fitting to your specific ears
  • You may be coached on what to expect from your new hearing aid(s) and how to operate the devices. You will also be shown how best to care for and maintain your devices.
  • Your personalised aftercare plan will be discussed and agreed upon.

Note that treatments will vary depending on your measurements. In any case, you will undergo specialised measurements down your ear canal to ensure that you are getting the sounds that you need, as well as simulating real-life environments such as restaurants and taxi cabs.