Connectivity with WIDEX EVOKE

We take a look at the connectivity and direct streaming capabilities of Widex Evoke and consider just how useful these features are in a modern-day hearing aid.

Connectivity, direct streaming, artificial intelligence – all modern-day wonders that allow us to keep up with the world around us, make life a little bit easier for us and yes, sometimes, even make us look the part!

As people of the world with our heads down, thumbs tapping, locked on to our devices throughout the day, and as a society we are relying more and more on technology, most of us would be lying if we said we weren’t enjoying it. But great technology is not limited to the latest mobile phones, hearables, TVs, tablets or cars anymore; I’m talking about hearing aids.

Hearing aids which don’t just deliver fantastic sound but also deliver a personal experience and are driven by the user to improve that experience daily and into the future! Hearing aids which have many, unexpected, desirable features such as the EVOKE range from Widex.

From your iPhone and iPad to the hearing aids – even for people without hearing loss, phone and video calls can be difficult to hear clearly.

Bluetooth enabled direct streaming – Whether it’s a phone call, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, FaceTime or even live directions from google maps, EVOKE will deliver the sound from your Apple device direct to the hearing aids.

Via the EVOKE App to change programs and settings.

From the EVOKE App, YOU choose how you want your hearing aid to sound, put yourself in your favourite programs, even create your own personal programs for the places you visit.

From Aritifical Intelligence (AI) built into the EVOKE App.

Using the SoundSense learn feature, within the EVOKE app, select your A or B preference for the environment you’re in and the app will optimise that sound for you – and it will remember this for when you are in similar situations in future!

But massive technology doesn’t have to be scary; it’s all very intuitive and you have me as your hearing care professional to guide and support you with it all.

Today we can demand much more from a hearing aid than just to deliver great sound (although that remains the hearing aids core function), connectivity features are additional desirable features which can enhance the users experience.

‘A combination of great sound and great connectivity means that hearing aids are now amongst the world’s best wearable technology,’ says Widex Audiological Affairs Specialist, Oliver Townend. Check out the video below to see how EVOKE delivers more personal sound.

Widex EVOKE hearing aids are available now, and they are available for most types of hearing loss, with several models and colours to choose from, your hearing aids can be as personal as you and keep you connected to the world around you.