Hearing aids? Life Changing.

Introducing Chris Gill, a recent user of hearing aids in his early 60s… here he tells us about his expEARience (just joining him on the fun ear related puns) of recently using his new Widex Moment CIC (completely in the canal) hearing aids.

“A friend of mine of mine who is of similar vintage to me said…

‘EAR you! I love it when I put my hearing aids in as everything sounds lovely and clear’.

Having worn my hearing aids for a few months I understand what he means now. We all know that hearing loss is EAR-reversible (ho! ho! ho!) so it means one can either ask people to repeat what they say on a regular basis or get something that helps and that will invariably mean hearing aids. I am enjoying being able not to turn the music, radio and TV up to a higher level. I can hear the birds singing more clearly. I don’t think I am asking people to repeat things so often and I notice the difference when I take them out. For the most part I forget that I have them in so that means I have probably acclimatised to wearing hearing aids. I may even be less EARitable!

Life changing? Probably life improving for me. But quite a big improvement it has to be said.

Anyway here is a silly hearing related joke that amused me.

Q: What do you call bears with no ears?

A: B.