how to spot hearing loss in children

A grown up’s quick reference guide to spotting hearing loss in their children.

  1. Your small human says “what” a lot.
  2. They turn the TV up louder than usual.
  3. They don’t always respond to you when you call.
  4. They may have difficulty with things like spelling more than usual in class; their grades may gradually begin to fail, but not always.
  5. They get frustrated when trying to communicate.
  6. Some days they seem to hear better than others.
  7. They really concentrate on your face when talking to you.
  8. They may have difficulty saying certain speech sounds.
  9. You can’t decide if they have ‘selective hearing’.
  10. They seem to prefer one ear more than the other.

Your small human may exhibit some or all of these. If concerned,  contact your GP or get in touch with Sonja and our team at Cardiff Hearing.