introducing custom made iPod earphones

It’s January and this year is THE year for a fitter YOU; you’ve hit the gym, started running, maybe swimming is your bag, and you’re fed up with your earphones falling out of your ears mid power song…

I have the solution: custom made ear plugs.

Why are they better?

  1. They stay in your ear
  2. More comfortable for longer wear
  3. Reduce external noise so you can hear your music better which means…
  4. You don’t have to have the music as loud, protecting your hearing
  5. Enhanced bass for you bass junkies
  6. An overall improvement of sound quality
  7. If used in the pool, they help to protect you from ear infections

“How do I get them” I hear you cry?

Contact me for an appointment to take your impressions to get some made or, should a group of you at your local gym / fitness club like some – invite me along to your venue!

PRICE: £95 (no need to buy new earphones – use your existing ones; these need to be sent away with the impressions for the moulds to be made – they will detach from the moulds if required)