keeping you safe in a pandemic

what are we doing at Cardiff Hearing to keep you safe when coming to our clinic?

We get it. The World has become a pretty scary place in the past year and you will want to be sure that you are going to be as safe as possible when venturing out to a new place.

When the pandemic started, we were determined to create a brand new covid19 secure clinic and so we sought out entirely new premises that we could 100% control. The address you are coming to is brand new – we set it up in August 2020 with Covid19 in mind for 100% of its design. From the spacing to entirely wipeable surfaces (including the floor!) – the new Cardiff Hearing HQ is purpose built for future proofing against Coronavirus.

So, what can you expect when visiting Cardiff Hearing?

As owner of Cardiff Hearing, Sonja could not be more aware of how important it is to stay safe as she herself has a serious problem with her immune system and so it was imperative to her, to create a clinic that was not only safe for her clients to come to but made sure that she and her staff would be as safe as possible too.

You can now book online – on booking, you will complete all medical history and Covid19 questionnaires prior to attendance, reducing interaction time in clinic. Should you book on the telephone (07581293455), be prepared to offer your email address so we can email you a questionnaire to complete prior to attendance (don’t worry, we won’t email you any marketing guff!). If you don’t have an email, fear not, we will call you to go through the questions.

We will not accept drop ins and will turn people away if they drop by, asking them to look at our window for all our contact details to enquire/book. We will not compromise our strict safety procedures.

Only people with appointments will be allowed in. We will confirm who you are and let you in. There is 80% alcohol hand sanitiser immediately in front of you on entering the building.

We will open the door, take your temperature, provide you with 80% alcohol hand sanitiser again (because you may have touched a banister or something! 80% is above and beyond the WHO recommendation of 60%) prior to entrance and provide you with a fluid resistant surgical face mask.

You will be shown exactly where to hang your coat/bag before being escorted to the treatment couch or chair which will have been cleaned prior to your attendance (in fact every surface that has had patient contact will have been!) with products known to kill Covid19. If you are lying on the couch for wax removal, we will also play paper couch roll on the bed for further protection.

If you are sitting on a chair to discuss a problem such as hearing loss or tinnitus, you will be sat 4 meters away from the clinician. If you are having a hearing test, you will be 2 meters away from the clinician.

The room will be ventilated at all times with fresh air.

You won’t even have to tap your card on a card machine! Isn’t that magical! If you booked online and paid a deposit, we will take the remaining balance off the card you booked with automatically, sending you a receipt to your email instantly. If you haven’t paid a deposit, we ask that you simply read your card number out to us and we will take payment. If you can’t read your card number, we ask you place the card on a paper towel and we will read the numbers ourselves, asking you to turn the card over at appropriate times.

In order to have time for cleaning and ventilation between patients; this also ensures that there is no overlapping of patients.

Throughout the day, they will be wearing fresh PPE (gloves, apron, and mask), and at the end of the day, they will change out of their scrubs, back into their own clothes, and will take the scrubs home to wash at a high temperature. On arrival at home, to keep their families safe, they will head straight to the shower and wash the day off before doing anything else.