let's talk about tinnitus

Sonja is a speaker at Specsavers' annual professional conference

I have the honour of being asked to be speaker for Widex at the Specsavers PAC on Sunday 8th October at Birmingham International Conference Centre.

Specsavers PAC is where the majority of their optical and audiology clinicians and students get together for a professional development style conference – it is massive.

Last year I had the great pleasure to deliver an afternoon talk about something called Real Ear Measurement for Widex (a way in which we can ensure your hearing aids are delivering the amount of sound to your ear drums that you need, based on your hearing level and shape of your ears) but this year is a very different story.

Tinnitus treatment is a part of audiology that I am very passionate about; often people say that nothing can be done about tinnitus, but that simply is not the case…there are absolutely options to try, and all we need for that is time and an open heart and mind for the patient to try something new. It is a passion of mine because through tailored therapy,we have the very real ability to potentially transform the lives of those living with it.

Learning through experience, I will be guiding clinicians through a range of techniques to consider when working with those with tinnitus with the hope that we can begin to develop a more confident and empowered work force when working with those with tinnitus.

Watch this space for conference updates!