Meet Starkey's Latest Innovation in Hearing Aids

The Evolv AI

Starkey, one of our favourite hearing aid manufacturers, have recently released their latest hearing aid offering, the Evolv AI. The Evolv AI range and their predecessor the Livio AI offer some features which are unique in the hearing aid world. The Evolv AI hearing aids in particular are so much more than just hearing aids.

With the Evolv AI, you will quite genuinely have super ninja spy-like pieces of technology attached to your ears.

In terms of the classic functionality of providing you with the gift of hearing, as always, these hearing aids come in a range of technology levels to suit different lifestyle needs, and the availability of features does also vary across the range. Remember, the more sophisticated you go with the technology, the harder the hearing aids work when there is background noise to keep speech as clear as possible.

Aside from the unprecedented sound quality of the Evolv Ai hearing aids (and we promise, we personally listen to the hearing aids we prescribe in a variety of environments), they are jam-packed with incredible features. However, if you want something that simply helps you to hear better, fear not, as we can make these hearing aids as simple or as tech-heavy as you want or indeed need them to be.

So What’s Really EARsome About Them?

Let’s explore these little nuggets of hearing aid joy further.

This is some seriously clever stuff. As the name, Evolv AI suggests, your hearing aids will have Artificial Intelligence inside them. We like to think of this as our tiny little robot audiology companions.

If you find yourself in a really challenging listening environment, such as a pub or a restaurant, and the pre-programmed settings just aren’t cutting it for you, with a tap of the hearing aids or a press of a button, Edge Mode will make an immediate analysis of the environment around you and will make instantaneous adjustments to the hearing aids to the way they amplify sounds, use their microphones, and manage background noise. It’s like having an audiologist attached to your ears but working at lightning speed!

The Evolv Ai tracks both physical and mental activity taking care of your overall health. Research tells us that the physical activity tracker is in fact more accurate than the leading wrist-based brands, providing you with accurate step counts, how long you have been standing during the day and how many minutes you have been exercising daily.

If like me you need a little reminder from time to time, you can actually ask the hearing aids to remind you about anything you like, from birthdays to taking your medication on time.

The majority of these nifty features are accessed via the incredible Thrive app – this is the most comprehensive and useful app for hearing aids on the market.

Aside from the above, you can also change the volume of the hearing aids and the way the microphones work in seconds.

Why would we want to change the behaviour of the microphones?

Imagine you’re driving in your car and you have a child sitting in the back and you want to hear them, just before setting off, you can set the microphones to rear-facing so that you can hear them loud and clear. Or imagine you are driving and you have someone in the front passenger seat – you can turn the microphones to pick up only what is on the left-hand side of your so you can hear them really clearly. The same principle applies to any situation.

Now, this is an insanely cool tool. Imagine you’re on holiday and you don’t understand what a local person is saying to you. You can place your smartphone with the Thrive app by the person speaking. You tell the app what language they speak and what language you speak, and in real-time, it will translate for you in your own language what they are saying to you. Amazing!

Not only that, note, the Thrive app also has the ability to transcribe for you so when you’re in a meeting and struggling to hear the conversation, you can just pop the app on the desk and it will instantly transcribe everything for you.

The Self Check app feature is a very handy one. Just pop your hearing aids on the table next to your phone and they will check themselves and the app will let you know if there’s a problem, or if everything is tickety boo.

These hearing aids also have an ‘auto off’ feature, where the aids will automatically switch off if not used for 15 minutes. This means that if you fall asleep with them in or forget to switch them off when you take them out, they will switch off to save battery.

Previously only available in the top-level technology in the Livio AI, the falls detection feature is now available in all technology levels. This is a great safety feature that will detect if the user falls, immediately sending their nominated person or people a message to let them know that they need help, giving everyone peace of mind. This does require the hearing aids to be set up with the app on a smartphone, as well as an internet connection

Are These Hearing Aids Right for Me?

There is so much more that the Starkey Evolv AI and their accompanying Thrive App can do for you.

We haven’t even mentioned some of the other benefits:

  • Direct streaming of music from your phone
  • Ability to act as a complete handsfree kit via Bluetooth
  • Ability to link to your Bluetooth systems


Learn More About Your Hearing Options

If we have whet your appetite to learn more and have got you excited about the Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids, please consider booking a hearing consultation with us so we can get you on the road to better hearing with some fabulous twists.