set to transform lives beyond ears - adventures ahoy!

Cardiff Hearing is not like any other private Audiology practice – not only does it aim to transform lives through provision of high quality hearing healthcare , it has a social and environmental mission.

I, your Audiologist, am also founder of the new Cardiff based outdoor education and environmental project, Green Earth Adventure. I put a % of my profits aside of each hearing technology sale in order to benefit the environment and the local community; from purchase of whittling tools, to rigger gloves, to hopefully funding free places on outdoor education schemes to those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them, to even thinking about wider community environmental and adventure projects.

You’re probably thinking…how is an Audiologist in the position to do that? There’s more to me than ears that’s for sure. I have completed a Bioscience degree, postgraduate study in Wildlife Conservation, circumnavigated islands by kayak and SUP, volunteered as a play worker in Romania, and am a regular wildlife feature writer for The Paddler – I’ve even had an article in The Royal Society of Wildlife Trust’s children’s Magazine (Wildlife Watch), and now I have nearly completed my training as a Forest School Leader.

It is my mission in life to merge my passion for conservation and experiences of clinical practice and adventure into my overall life, creating something meaningful and impactful for those I share this wonderful planet with.

Already, your support for Cardiff Hearing, along with some kind private donations, has funded the purchase of 30 sit mats, rigger gloves for up to 30 children, 10 palm drills, 2 bit and braces, a bowsaw, full HSE compliant first aid kit, and 10 mini beast hunting kits. This is a really wonderful start and in these early days, I am incredibly appreciative of all your support.

My partner in crime and I for Green Earth Adventure would like to take this moment to say a hearty thank you for choosing Cardiff Hearing for your all your Audiology needs and we hope that you have enjoyed your experience with me as your Audiologist. Please tell your friends and family about us – the success of Cardiff Hearing really does impact upon the success of Green Earth Adventure. Let’s work together to create something truly awesome together for the benefit of all in our community.

We would also like to announce that we are over-joyed to tell you that Cardiff Council have given us permission to use Hailey Park in Llandaff North for our Outdoor Learning projects.

Watch this space for more eary and adventure updates!