We're all ears at coffi cwtch!

As an Audiologist, I know that sometimes it can feel a little tricky to know where to go to get helpful advice on hearing loss and related subjects, which is why I have joined with Coffi Cwtch to put on a monthly informal evening to do just that – completely free of charge in a snuggly cafe with treats aplenty to boot!

Coffi Cwtch event in Cardiff

Would you like to pop along to a safe and cosy space to talk about and share your experiences of hearing loss, with other people from our community who may be able to relate to what you have to say?

Maybe you would like to ask an Audiologist for some impartial advice about any thoughts you have about yours or a loved one’s ability to hear, hearing devices, what might be available to help someone hear the telephone or fire alarm better (for example), or even have a chat if you or a loved one struggles with tinnitus or balance concerns?

Maybe you’re a carer, a healthcare professional, or even someone who would simply find it useful to learn more about hearing device care and maintenance, understand exactly what this mystical “loop” system is, or even practical stuff like how to change hearing aid tubing?

If any of the above is useful to you, register your interest to join us in the snuggly and accessible Coffi Cwtch – Cwtch by name and nature! – at 109 Station Rd, Llandaff North, Cardiff, for our monthly drop in evenings.

Our first session will be at 6.30-8.30pm November 22nd 2017.