Category: Ear Wax Removal

Marinate your ear wax
6 May 2024

Learn how softening your ear wax, by applying medical grade olive oil drops for a few days before your ear wax removal appointment, can ensure successful removal.

The dangers of DIY ear wax removal
13 May 2023

If you think you have a build-up of ear wax, you may be tempted to try to remove it yourself at home. However, it is important to avoid DIY ear…

Did you know that ear wax removal is an unregulated procedure?
27 April 2023

With ear wax removal being an unregulated procedure, it is vitally important to visit an appropriate medical professional for your ear concerns. When it comes to ear wax removal in…

Jingle & Mingle Event Heralded a Success
14 December 2022

Earlier this month we played host to our first ever Christmas event dedicated to all thing’s ears, attracting well over 100 guests to Llandaff Court in Cardiff.

Over 25% OFF ear wax removal services
1 November 2022

New loyalty scheme for ear wax removal patients
31 October 2022

If you use our EARmazing ear wax removal service 3 times, you will then receive £15 OFF your 4th visit!

“Do you do ear syringing?”
8 November 2021

We are often asked if we do “ear syringing” at Cardiff Hearing – the simple answer is no. Find out the difference here.

Cotton buds – just don’t do it.
2 May 2021

Since my independent practice was launched last year, I have seen in excess of 600 people for ear wax removal through microsuction, and I would say, that around 50% of…

The Lowdown on Ear Wax
28 March 2021

You may see adverts on the internet that say microsuction earwax removal does not require the use of drops to soften the wax – this is not true.